Managed Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are available in 30 cities worldwide.

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Intel E3-1270

$ 162
Per month
  • 4 cores / 8 threads @ 3.8GHz
  • 2x 240GB SSD
  • 32GB Memory
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 10 Gbps Network
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Intel E-2286G

$ 234
Per month
  • 6 cores / 12 threads @ 4.0GHz
  • 2x 960GB SSD
  • 32GB Memory
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 10 Gbps Network

Intel E-2288G

$ 415
Per month
  • 8 cores / 16 threads @ 3.7GHz
  • 2x 1.92TB NVMe
  • 128GB Memory
  • 10TB Bandwidth
  • 10 Gbps Network
Includes everything you need for high performance workloads:

Choice of 30 Global Data Centers · IPv4 and IPv6 · Choice of Linux OS
Fully managed by our team · Full root access · 24x7 Technical Support

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Top Benefits and Solutions for Using Managed Dedicated Servers in Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, the choices can be overwhelming. Among the myriad options, managed dedicated servers stand out as a powerful solution for businesses that require both performance and reliability. By opting for a managed dedicated server, you get an entire server dedicated to your needs, along with expert management to ensure everything runs smoothly.

I've seen firsthand how businesses can benefit from this setup. Managed dedicated servers offer the best of both worlds: top-notch hardware and professional support. This means you can focus on growing your business while the technical aspects are handled by experts. Whether you're running a high-traffic website or need robust security, managed dedicated servers provide the peace of mind and performance you need.

What Are Managed Dedicated Servers?

Managed dedicated servers combine exclusive server resources with professional management. Data centers house these servers, ensuring constant monitoring and maintenance. This combination provides robust performance, high security, and exceptional reliability. By using managed hosting, businesses offload IT tasks to experts, which allows them to concentrate on core activities. Managed plans typically include:

  • System updates (software, operating system)
  • Security patches
  • Performance monitoring
  • Configuring and advising on aspects like Backups and disaster recovery

Key Differences From Shared and VPS Hosting

Key Differences From Shared and VPS Hosting: Managed dedicated servers offer resources dedicated solely to one user. In contrast, shared hosting splits resources among multiple users, leading to potential performance issues. VPS hosting also divides a server, but each user receives a dedicated portion of virtualized resources. However, managed dedicated servers ensure maximum performance without competition for resources.

Performance and Reliability: Dedicated servers provide superior performance and reliability. Given that managed hosting involves professional management and continuous monitoring, downtimes and performance lags reduce significantly. Shared and VPS hosting environments can cause slower speeds and downtimes due to resource competition.

Security: Managed dedicated servers boast high security standards. Dedicated server resources reduce vulnerability points. Managed services include rigorous security measures like firewalls, regular updates, and malware scans. Shared and VPS hosts, on the other hand, face higher security risks due to a more extensive user base sharing the same server infrastructure.

Customization: Dedicated servers offer unparalleled customization. Businesses can configure hardware and software to meet specific needs, benefiting from unique setups and optimizations. Shared and VPS hosting provides limited customization since changes impact multiple users.

Using managed dedicated servers, businesses leverage dedicated resources and professional management to achieve optimal performance, security, and customization.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers

Enhanced Security Features

Managed dedicated servers offer enhanced security features. With dedicated resources, threats from shared environments are eliminated. Managed hosting providers apply regular security patches, install firewalls, and conduct frequent security audits. They also offer DDoS protection and advanced intrusion detection systems (IDS). These measures ensure data safety and compliance with industry standards.

Improved Server Performance

Managed dedicated servers improve server performance. Dedicated resources mean exclusive CPU, RAM, and storage, leading to faster load times and better responsiveness. Providers implement optimized server configurations tailored to specific needs. They also offer scalable resources, ensuring consistent performance even during traffic spikes. Performance monitoring and regular maintenance keep the server running smoothly.

Customization and Control

Managed dedicated servers provide extensive customization and control. I can choose the operating system, software, and configurations that best suit my needs. Root access allows full administrative control over the server. Managed providers assist with configurations, ensuring they align with best practices and performance requirements. This level of control allows for a tailored hosting environment that can adapt as my business grows.

The benefits of managed dedicated servers—enhanced security, improved performance, and extensive customization—make them an ideal choice for businesses focused on optimal performance and security without the hassle of managing the server themselves.

Choosing the Right Managed Dedicated Server Provider

Selecting an ideal managed dedicated server provider involves several critical factors that influence performance, security, and reliability.

  • Security Measures: Evaluate the security features, such as DDoS protection, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. Reliable providers have robust security protocols to safeguard data.
  • Support Availability: Ensure 24/7/365 technical support. The provider should offer various communication channels like email and ticketing systems.
  • Scalability Options: Verify if the provider can scale resources with business growth. They should offer easy upgrades for CPU, RAM, and storage.
  • Customization: Check if the provider enables comprehensive server customization. The capacity to configure hardware and software based on specific needs indicates flexibility.
  • Reputation: Research the provider’s reliability through user reviews and industry ratings. Consistent positive feedback signifies credibility.

Tips for Evaluating Service Providers

Evaluating managed dedicated server providers requires a methodical approach to identify the best fit for specific hosting needs.

  • Customer Feedback: Read testimonials and reviews on third-party sites. Look for feedback on uptime, support responsiveness, and overall satisfaction.
  • Technology Stack: Examine the provider’s technology and infrastructure. The latest hardware, SSDs over HDDs, and modern data centers indicate better performance.
  • Transparency in Pricing: Avoid providers with hidden fees. Transparent pricing models and clearly defined service terms aid cost management.
  • Expertise in Managed Services: Assess the provider’s experience in managed hosting. Providers with a long track record and specialized expertise in managed services often offer better support.
  • Data Center Locations: Check the geographic location of data centers. Proximity to target user bases reduces latency and improves loading times.
  • Extra Services: Evaluate additional offerings like automated backups, disaster recovery options, and advanced monitoring. These enhance overall service value.

By considering these factors and evaluation tips, it’s possible to choose a managed dedicated server provider that aligns with specific performance, security, and customization needs.

Handling Technical Issues

Technical issues can arise despite expert management. Managed dedicated servers typically include comprehensive support to address these complications.

  • Support: Opt for providers offering 24/7 support with expert technicians.
  • Automated Alerts: Set up automated alerts for unusual server activity to address problems quickly.
  • Regular Maintenance: Conduct regular system checks to prevent minor issues from becoming significant problems.

By implementing these solutions, managed dedicated servers can effectively handle technical problems, ensuring servers run smoothly and efficiently.


Managed dedicated servers offer a robust solution for businesses seeking reliability, security, and customization in their web hosting. By understanding the challenges and implementing effective strategies, you can ensure consistent uptime and handle technical issues efficiently. Choosing the right provider with strong SLAs, round-the-clock support, and comprehensive monitoring is crucial. This approach not only enhances performance but also provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, investing in a managed dedicated server can significantly elevate your online presence and operational efficiency.